About Us


Last week I went to an undisclosed coffee shop in the morning and ordered my usual latté. Three minutes later the barista handed me my latte’ and I went into shock. The cup was on crooked, and when I opened it, the contents were half-full and didn’t look very appetizing.

I just sat there as I looked at my $7 receipt and realized I’d just paid that $7 for this so-called privilege, which was more than double what I was paying just a few short years ago. What that meant to me was I was getting less and paying more. But I wasn’t done. After I got my mind on the task at hand I called over the manager over to express my outrage.

I said, “You are not selling coffee in this place, you’re selling inflation.” No wonder this chain just released record earnings, I thought to myself. “You’re just an Inflation Café!”

The manager who was in his early 30’s, just shrugged his shoulders, smiled and went about his day. Believe it or not, that’s when the concept for this newsletter hit me.

That was when the Inflation Café born. I am your personal barista giving you a guided and in-depth tour on inflation, explaining how it’s created, why it exists and providing you with ample evidence of its continued existence and how you might overcome it and make some money along the way.

Think about this. It’s not an accident that inflation happens. It’s a distinct policy that governments around the world have implemented. It is a hidden tax that gets you to work harder for a lesser reward.

As this newsletter and website progress, what we’ll do is explore the inner workings of the inflationary monster and why it will be around for decades to come.

Until you, the public is no longer willing to accept this hidden tax, which grows like a cancer, you’ll be forced to pay it. With this in mind, sit back, relax and learn.

Kerry Lutz
Editor ‘n Chief Barista
Inflation Café