NYC Parents Outraged Over $14 Waffle Cone Ice Cream: ‘Taking Advantage of Inflation’

by Elizabeth Weibel

Parents in New York City were outraged after having to fork over $14 for a waffle cone at an ice cream truck.

Several parents decided to treat their children to ice cream from a pink ice cream truck near Astoria Park in the neighborhood of Queens. However, they paid more than they had intended; one paid $26 for his two children, according to the New York Post.

The ice cream truck reportedly charged $5 in cash for a single cone and $5.99 by credit or debit card. A double cone cost $10 in cash and $10.99 by credit or debit card, while a sundae and milkshake each cost $12 in cash and $12.99 by credit or debit card.

“Some people are taking advantage of inflation,” Henry Fernandez told the outlet, adding that he had given the lady a $20 bill thinking he would “get some change back,” only to end up paying “$26 to treat his two kids” with a small sundae and shake float.

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