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Young People Aren’t Nearly Angry Enough About Government Debt

by Laura Williams
The American Institute for Economic Research

Young people sometimes seem to wake up in the morning in search of something to be outraged about. We are among the wealthiest and most educated humans in history. But we’re increasingly convinced that we’re worse off than our parents were, that the planet is in crisis, and that it’s probably not worth having kids.

I’ll generalize here about my own cohort (people born after 1981 but before 2010), commonly referred to as Millennials and Gen Z, as that shorthand corresponds to survey and demographic data. Millennials and Gen Z have valid economic complaints, and the conditions of our young adulthood perceptibly weakened traditional bridges to economic independence. We graduated with record amounts of student debt after President Obama nationalized that lending. Housing prices doubled during our household formation years due to zoning impediments and chronic underbuilding. Young Americans say economic issues are important to us, and candidates are courting our votes by promising student debt relief and cheaper housing (which they will never be able to deliver).

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Majority of Voters Are ‘Struggling’ Under Joe Biden’s Inflation

by Wendell Husebo

A majority of voters are “struggling” under President Joe Biden’s soaring inflation, a McLaughlin and Associates poll found Monday.

As citizens suffer from prices about 20 percent higher across the board since Biden assumed office, more than three-quarters of Americans said Biden’s economic plan negatively impacts them.

  • Impacted (overall): 83 percent
  • Struggling: 50 percent
  • Small impact: 33 percent
  • No change: 17 percent

Just 63 percent of respondents said Biden’s economy is getting worse, while 31 percent said it is getting better.

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Fact-Checking “Greedflation”

by Nicolás Cachanosky
The American Institute for Economic Research

Some myths are stubbornly persistent. Count the greedflation myth among them. A recent poll conducted by Navigator indicates a notable uptick in the number of people attributing inflation to corporate greed. That’s worrisome: public opinion eventually becomes public policy. Senators Warren, Casey, and Baldwin are again pushing for executive powers to “crack down” on what they see as “corporate price gouging.”

Despite its popularity, the greedflation narrative fails to hold up when subjected to standard economic analysis.

In brief, proponents of the greedflation narrative maintain that businesses deliberately hike prices in order to increase their profits. Of course, if businesses increase their minimum willingness to accept (i.e., the supply schedule), the quantity demanded will fall. Hence, proponents of the greedflation narrative implicitly assume that higher prices will more than offset the revenue foregone as a consequence of selling fewer units.

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Inflation is Still Hot and the Fed Isn’t Willing to Tame It

by Mike Gleason

As inflation data comes in hotter than expected, markets are reassessing the outlook for rate cuts.

This week’s Consumer Price Index report showed the CPI rising 0.4% in February. That was the largest increase since last September. Higher gas prices and housing costs were major contributors.

On an annual basis, the CPI is now rising at a 3.2% rate – well above the Federal Reserve’s stated 2% inflation target.

Following the CPI release, the Producer Price Index also came in hotter than expected.

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Ten Best Inflation Protection Stocks of March 2024

by Cory Mitchell and Michael Adams

Inflation gradually erodes the buying power of your dollars. The best way to beat inflation is by investing in businesses that are impervious to rising prices. To help you accomplish this mission, we’ve identified some of the best stocks with sales and earnings that are immune to the ravages of inflation.

During times of high inflation, consumers cut back on discretionary spending. But plenty of staples are much harder for people to stop buying. Owning the stock of companies that produce staple products and services is one of the best ways to beat inflation.

Our list of the best inflation stocks includes 10 companies that deliver products and services U.S. consumers can’t live without. These stocks feature valuations that should hold up well despite pressure from rising prices. As an additional bonus, they pay steady dividends and have delivered stable price appreciation over the long term.

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Twelve Best Investments During Inflation

by Fiona Smith
The Millennial Money Woman

Inflation is a silent killer. It hides in plain sight and constantly diminishes the value of your money.

But luckily, there are investments that will help you hedge against inflation and protect your wealth.

With that said, here are the 12 best investments during inflation:

  1. Blue-Chip Art
  2. Rental Real Estate
  3. Private Real Estate
  4. Fine Wine
  5. Farmland
  6. Sports Collectibles
  7. Gold
  8. Your Kids
  9. Your Financial Plan
  10. Yourself
  11. Alternative Assets
  12. Rare Whiskey

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Ten Secrets to Thriving in a Market of High Inflation and Interest Rates

by Amr Elharony
Erico Matias Tavares Sinclair & Co.


Hey there, corporate professionals! If you’re like me, juggling multiple responsibilities while keeping an eye on your investments, you know how crucial it is to make the right choices. With the recent shifts in the market landscape, you might be wondering: “Stocks or Bonds? Where should I park my money?” Well, you’re in luck! Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of investing in a high inflation and high-interest-rate environment.

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Dr. Copper’s Breakout Message, Services Inflation & TikTok-Gate

The metals rally – especially in copper – came alongside indicators of ongoing inflation. Meanwhile confidence continues to collapse. Deservedly so. But one dividend: the truth continues to emerge, as ancient frauds (vaxes against infection/transmission of respiratory viruses just can’t work) are revealed for all to see.

by Dave Fairtex
Chris Martenson’s Peak Prosperity

There were four major reports this week: the CPI (Tuesday), PPI + Retail Sales (Thursday), and Industrial Production (Friday). CPI showed inflation – the Fed-and-MSM-baffling (worker-shortage-induced) “services inflation.” PPI inflation is also starting to pick up once again, while retail sales remain strong. Industrial production is flat, but down from the highs. More buying, higher prices, more expensive labor, but flat production.

Beneath the Skin of CPI Inflation, February: Inflation Saga far from Over, Core CPI & Core Services in Ominous 6-Month Trend (source – wolfstreet);

Great details from Wolf. Cherry-picking, month-over-month changes, and multiplying by 12 to annualize. Try to avoid heart failure for some of these items:

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Short-Term Treasury Market Walks Away From Rate-Cut Mania, Inflation Has Upper Hand

by Wolf Richter
Wolf Street

One-year yield rose to 5.05%, highest since December 12.

From mid-October through the end of January, the 6-month Treasury yield had dropped by about 43 basis points, from around 5.58% to 5.15% (green box in the chart below). This means roughly, that at the end of January, the 6-month yield – a calculated composite representing securities with about six months left before they mature – saw two rate cuts within its six-month window, spread over the three FOMC rate announcements on March 20, May 1, and June 12. So roughly two rate cuts by the June meeting.

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Acting Labor Secretary: Wages Haven’t Kept Up with Inflation Under Biden, Ignoring Warnings About Overstimulus ‘Paid Off’

by Ian Hanchett

During an interview with CBS’s “The Takeout” podcast that took place before the release of the February inflation numbers that showed a drop in real wages from January to February, acting Labor Secretary Julie Su acknowledged that wages have not kept up with inflation since President Joe Biden’s first full month in office back in February 2021. And that President Joe Biden’s response to those who said, “you can’t put too much money out into people’s pockets, that’s going to be a bad thing,” “was, no, I’d rather go too big than too small here. And that has paid off beautifully, in terms of the recovery.” And that Biden responded to those who thought the spending in the American Rescue Plan was too much by taking the approach that “there’s no such thing as too much” “good for the American worker.”

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Up for Inflation, Down for Stocks and Bond Values

by David Haggith

Who would have thought, in an investing world where the techiest people who built the high tech that both ran and drove the stock market explosively, that it would be laid-off tech employees who express a “sense of impending doom” over job cuts? The answer to that would be anyone who lived through the dot-com bust at an age that was paying attention. And that’s where we are today, according to a story about the sad faces of techies, who face the highest layoffs since 2001.

As they struggle to find new positions, they are also being pressed to accept pay cuts. It’s that dismal for those in the big-money realm.

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Stock Market Today: Wall Street Slips Further Away From Records Amid Inflation Worries

BEIJING — Stocks fell in early trading and moved further away from a record high set earlier this week. The S&P 500 fell 0.5% Friday. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 53 points, or 0.1%, and the Nasdaq slipped 0.7%.

by Damian J. Troise, The Associated Press

BEIJING — Stocks fell in early trading and moved further away from a record high set earlier this week. The S&P 500 fell 0.5% Friday. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 53 points, or 0.1%, and the Nasdaq slipped 0.7%. Treasury yields edged higher in the bond market. Adobe slumped after giving investors a weak revenue forecast. Investors are closing out a week of heavy economic reports that showed inflation, though broadly cooling, remains hotter than expected. The reports have raised concerns about the Federal Reserve’s next move on interest rates, though Wall Street still sees potential for a cut in June.

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. AP’s earlier story follows below.

Wall Street posted small gains in early trading Friday as markets try to close out another up-and-down week on the positive side.

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